The Coffee City of Bergen

Per Erlend Steingrimsen

The best coffee shops in Norway's second largest city!

Coffee Mission and Blom

The coffee mission opened in 2007 with the aim of raising the coffee commitment in Bergen. They offer coffee from several distilleries, offer various brewing methods, sell brewing equipment, as well as baking and lunch dishes. Today they are known as one of the best coffee shops in the West Country with skilled baristas who are always hunting for the best coffee experience.

In 2011, Kaffemisjonen's little sister Blom opened, making freshly brewed coffee widely known on Nygårdshøyden. Blom and Kaffemisjonen can be compared in many ways, Blom is a little smaller, but much worth a visit.

The Little Coffee Company

Bergen's first coffee shop? It is said that this is the oldest coffee shop in Bergen, in any case that is still open. Det Lille Kaffekompaniet, or DLK as they call it in Bergen, opened its doors for the first time by some students in 1996, and has become a popular little coffee shop just off Nedre Fløibana station. They sell coffee from several different Norwegian coffee roasters, and are known far beyond the city limits for their homemade cakes.

Coffee roasters in Bergen

When it comes to modern roasting of specialty coffee, Bergen is not a particularly impressive city, and only BKB—Bergen Kaffebrenneri can be considered a specialty coffee roaster. BKB has been roasting coffee in central Bergen for over 10 years. They are located at Møhlenpris, just next to Nygårdsparken and BI School of Economics. Here they also have a retail outlet and a large coffee shop with plenty of seating. In addition to a wide coffee menu, they also offer baking, lunch dishes, and some hot dishes. BKB also has a coffee shop in Steinkjellergaten, just off Bryggen.