Frequently asked questions

How do you choose coffee shops?

We select coffee shops based on a few selected parameters. Read more about them here:

  • Which coffee do they brew? It is a decisive factor that the coffee shops carry specialty coffee.
  • Does the coffee shop offer hand brew? In the eyes of many, this is what makes a coffee shop a coffee shop.
  • Does the coffee shop sell brewing equipment for home use? We want to spread the message of the great joys og good coffee.
  • Does the coffee shop have one or more baristas who have participated in Kaffe-NM? This is often a sign that the coffee shop is not satisfied with any standard, but that they know what high quality is.
  • Beyond this, we also listen to what happens inside the specialty coffee community. If we hear of someone with a good reputation, it's not a long way to get represented on

Will there be more coffee shops on the side?

From the first time the idea was mentioned until the site was launched, it took less than three weeks. In connection with the crisis the world went and is still going through from 2019 to 2020 we have thought that there are many local coffee shops that could benefit from a small boost this summer. Part of the goal of launching quickly was to get started before all travel-loving Norwegians are in the middle of their summer vacation. That's why we've chosen to launch a page that still has potential for improvement. So there will be more coffee shops in due course, and we still accept recommendations in the email

Why aren't more coffee shops in Oslo mentioned?

Oslo has a very high concentration of good coffee shops. There are many more good ones than the ones we mention. For the sake of ease of use, we have chosen not to include too many coffee shops in each area, as this is primarily a site for people on the go. We have chosen this strategy for the time being, at the same time it is clear that it may change as we develop the site in line with the feedback we receive from our users. We are always listening to good feedback.

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