Just Good Coffee

Don't lose travel time looking for the good coffee. Are you on a Norwegian holiday or business trip, visiting your grandmother in Lofoten or do you just happen to drive by? We've picked out the best coffee places in town and built to make great coffee easily accessible to you.

The Vision

We're going to make it easy for people on the road to find the best coffee in the neighborhood.

The story behind

The young coffee enthusiast Per Erlend Steingrimsen has travelled extensively around Norway in recent years. Whatever the purpose of the trip, the best coffee shops in the area are also on the program. His experience is that it takes far too long to find these places, and thus the idea of coffeeguide.io came about.

The next step for the idea was a sunny day along the Bybanen in Bergen. Here he told his friend Kim André Fladen about the concept. Per Erlend went home and went to bed, and woke up to a message with a link to the first version of the website.

Lots of revisions have been made since the first draft, but the goal remains to 1) support local places that dare to bet on quality, and 2) make that quality available to as many people as possible.

Per Erlend Steingrimsen and Kim André Fladen on a red sofa.
Per Erlend is content manager and Kim André is the designer. Photo: Siv-Elin Skoglund

Submit tips

We are constantly updating the guide. Do not hesitate to send us tips if you know of a good coffee shop that is not on the map. We check out tips and you can rest assured that the best ones will come along.

Send in your tips by emailing tips@kaffekartet.no

Contact Us

Would you like to enter into a never-so-small collaboration, or would you like to let us know about something you have been thinking about? Regardless we are available at hei@kaffekartet.no